Standard Butt Connectors

Standard Butt Connectors General Information

Standard Type Butt Connectors are electrical components generally used in electrical wiring applications to mechanically and electrically connect the ends of two wires or cables together. These types of connectors are specifically designed to create a secure and robust connection in electrical circuits.

The main features of these connectors are the following:

Material: They are usually made of copper to provide high conductivity. This copper must be of a certain purity and quality, usually in accordance with international standards (e.g. EN 13600).

Surface Coating: Copper is usually plated with tin to prevent oxidation and protect against corrosion. This coating also improves solderability.

Manufacturing Process: Cable ends are usually manufactured from annealed copper for good crimping properties. The annealing process makes the metal softer and more flexible, thus ensuring a good connection when crimped.

Connection Type: "Butt" type connectors are a type of connection where the cable ends are laid flat next to each other and then crimped. This provides maximum contact area between the surfaces, creating a low resistance connection.

Ease of Use: These connectors are generally designed for an easy and quick connection. The inner rounded edges and flat contact surfaces prevent damage to the cable ends and ensure a reliable connection.

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Standard Butt Connectors Technical Specifications

Annealed material optimises material and crimping properties

Simple and safe connection due to flat contact surfaces and internal chamfer

Item identification on butt connectors

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