DIN 3016 Connection Clamp

What Are Connection Clamps?

Connection clamps are connector parts for hose and pipes generally made of metal and other materials. They are produced with DIN 3016 standards with reliable gripping structure.

Connection Clamps Turkey

Tork clamps provide the best product of connection clamps Turkey with high quality and standards within large scale of production and the experience in exporting worldwide. Contact Tork for more information on connection clamps with the best and available price option.

Connection Clamp Type

Connection clamps can be found in two different types; There are options with rubber-lined connection clamps and also available without rubber connection clamps.

Rubber-lined Connection Clamp

Rubber-lined connection clamps enable maximum resistance and eliminate vibrating, helping noise control. They are also called connection clamps with nuts. They are used for mounting pipes and hoses for strong and durable results. Rubber-lines connection clamps are mainly preferred in hydraulic systems to prevent leaking and protect the installation. However, these types of connection clamps with nuts are used in many other heavy industries as well.

Connection Clamp without Rubber

Connection clamps without rubber are used in wall pipes for either horizontal or vertical needs. They are also called connection clamps without nut.They are easy and safe to assemble. The perfect finish materials enable comprehensive connection.

How to Use a Connection Clamp?

The strong structure and adjustable band enable easy installation with correct close and provides durable mounted wall pipes, hoses with true connector pieces. True grip enables to minimize vibrating and tearing for the hydraulic systems.

What Are Connection Clamps Used For?

Connection clamps are used in many areas in the heavy construction industry. The widely used areas of connection clamps in building construction, shipbuilding, hydraulic pipes, water supply sections, mining sector automotive, solar energy systems, household applications, LPG autogas systems etc. For durable, strong and multifunctional fixing alternatives the connection clamps are the best and affordable solution for any construction and installation needs.

FAQ About Connection Clamp

Please have a look at the frequently asked questions about connection clamps for your needs and do not hesitate to contact Tork Clamps teams for more information and offers.

How Strong is a Connection Clamp?

The heavy connection clamps are used in many industries that are made from steel, metal or other materials to keep the pipe and hose strong. They can carry up to 15kg with correct installation and configuration in the industrial needs. For more information consult the Tork clamp team.

How to Use Connection Clamp

Using connection clamps is easy. With the option of rubber-lined connection clamp and without rubber connection clamp, longer and stronger pipes and hoses can be mounted in vertical and horizontal plan.

What Are The Types of Connection Clamps?

Tork clamps produces and exports connection clamps to many countries worldwide with the best quality and price. Tork offers two different types of connection clamps for any needs and use. One of the options is a rubber-lined connection clamp that is also called connection clamp with nuts, that are commonly preferred by many industries and buyers. The other option is the standard connection clamp without rubber that can be ordered easily.

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