Tork standard dowels are produced from Polyamide 6.6 material, which is known as the most durable of plastics. It has high strength and hardness thanks to its semi-crystalline structure. Thanks to these structural features, Tork standard anchors are the most suitable material for working under load due to their very high bending and tensile strength and low coefficient of friction. With the carbon black additive in the black colored Tork dowels, it provides UV resistance in outdoor applications and provides excellent protection against sun rays.

Versatile Application and Usage

TORK Cable Tie Fixing Plug is not just another component in your toolkit; it's a versatile ally in cable management. Engineered from robust Polyamide 6.6 material, it stands up to a wide range of temperatures from -40°C to +85°C, ensuring performance in even the most challenging climates. But it's the plug's multifunctionality that sets it apart. Designed for securing cables and hoses against walls, it's also sturdy enough to be used as a hammering tool through pre-made holes. Whether you're working in the tight spaces of automotive assembly or the vast expanse of industrial cabling, our fixing plug adapts to your needs, simplifying installations and maintaining the integrity of your work.

Color Options for Organized Installations

Organization is key in any installation and TORK Cable Tie Fixing Plug comes in an array of colors to match your system's design and coding. Choose from natural, black, or red to suit your visual management systems and maintain a cohesive look. These color-coded options are not just about aesthetics; they help prevent errors by allowing you to quickly identify different lines or purposes at a glance. With TORK Cable Tie Fixing Plugs, an organized installation is a straightforward, error-free process.