The DG5 pipe clamp with rubber nut is designed to offer a secure and vibration-damping support for piping systems across various industries. These clamps are especially useful in applications where noise reduction and vibration control are critical. 

DG5 Pipe Clamp with Rubber Nut Specifications

The DG5 pipe clamp with rubber nut is engineered to provide robust and reliable support for piping systems. This clamp features a galvanized steel body combined with a rubber-lined nut that reduces vibration and noise, making it ideal for HVAC installations and industrial applications. The rubber nut also prevents direct metal-to-metal contact, which significantly minimizes the risk of corrosion under the clamp.

These clamps are suitable for temperatures ranging from -20°C to +110°C, ensuring performance under various environmental conditions. The DG5 pipe clamp with rubber nut can accommodate pipe diameters typically between 20 mm and 200 mm, making it versatile for different pipe sizes and applications. 

Sizes of DG5 Pipe Clamp with Rubber Nut

Choosing the correct size of the DG5 pipe clamp with rubber nut is crucial for optimal performance. These clamps are available in a wide range of sizes to fit different pipe diameters, ensuring a snug and secure fit. The sizes range from small diameters suitable for residential plumbing to larger sizes ideal for industrial piping systems.

Each DG5 pipe clamp with rubber nut is clearly marked with its size, making it easy to select the correct clamp for your specific needs. It is important to measure the outside diameter of the pipe accurately to choose the most effective clamp size. 

Technical Features DG5 Pipe Clamp with Rubber Nut

The DG5 pipe clamp with rubber nut incorporates several technical features designed to enhance its functionality and durability. The inclusion of a rubber nut not only dampens vibrations but also adds an extra layer of protection against leakage, making the clamp ideal for dynamic systems where movement might occur. This feature is particularly beneficial in systems that undergo frequent temperature fluctuations, which can cause expansion and contraction in piping.

Furthermore, the DG5 pipe clamp with rubber nut is designed for ease of installation. The clamp can be easily opened and closed around the pipe without the need for extensive tools or adjustments. The rubber nut is also designed to be tightened by hand or with a simple wrench, providing a secure fit without the risk of over-tightening and damaging the pipe. This combination of features makes the DG5 pipe clamp a reliable choice for securing piping in a wide range of applications.

  • Pipe clamps or pipe fixings are best described as a support mechanism for suspended pipes, either horizontal top or vertical adjacent to a surface.
  • They are vital to ensure that all pipes are securely fixed and also allow any pipe movement or expansion that may occur.
  • Pipe fixing failure can cause significant and costly damage to a building so it is important to do it correctly.
  • Standard clamps are typically secured using two screws, one on each side of the clamp. They can be with or without a primer depending on the application.
  • Standard clamps work by fixing two screws, one on each side of the clamp. Red washers are placed to prevent screws from slipping during the assembly process.