Tork standard clasps are produced from Polyamide 6.6 material, which is known as the most durable of plastics. It has high strength and hardness thanks to its semi-crystalline structure. Thanks to these structural features, Tork standard clasps are the most suitable material for working under load due to their very high bending and tensile strength and low coefficient of friction. With the carbon black additive in black Tork clasps, it provides UV resistance in outdoor applications and provides excellent protection against sun rays.

Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts Installation Guidelines 

  • Surface Compatibility and Preparation: Our Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts are versatile, adhering securely to a wide range of surfaces including wood, oil paint, plastic, metal, and glass. Begin by cleaning the surface to remove any impurities. A pristine surface ensures optimal adhesion. Peel off the protective paper from the mount to expose the adhesive.
  • Ensuring Optimal Adhesion: For the strongest hold, the application surface should be at room temperature, completely dry, and free from dust and oils. Any contaminants can weaken the adhesive's bond, so take the time to prepare the surface thoroughly before application.
  • Cable Tie Compatibility: Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts are designed to accommodate any standard cable tie up to 4.8 mm in width, providing a secure and snug fit. This ensures a wide range of cable ties can be used, offering flexibility in cable management solutions.
  • Secure Mounting in High-Stress Environments: In environments where the mount will be subject to force or vibration, additional securing with screws is advisable. The central hole is reinforced to allow for screw mounting, providing an extra layer of hold and security. Choose screws that are appropriate for the material of the surface for the best result.