DG5 Heavy Duty Pipe Clamp Specifications:

  • Robust design for heavy loads
  • Primed HD 1501 provides sound insulation according to DIN 4109.
  • Easy to install
  • Indoor and outdoor use

DG5 Heavy Duty Pipe Clamp Materials

The construction of the DG5 Heavy Duty Pipe Clamp is designed for safety and longevity. The pipe clamp features a double locking screw mechanism and a rubber profile that complies with PAH content standards, specifically ZEK 01.4-08. The significance of low PAH content cannot be overstated, as it ensures the clamp is free from hazardous chemicals, offering protection to both installers and the environment. Moreover, the clamps can be produced with a silicone profile for situations requiring high heat resistance, further extending their application to environments with extreme temperatures. The choice of materials signifies a commitment to durability and user safety, ensuring that the clamps serve their purpose effectively without compromising on health standards.

DG5 Heavy Duty Pipe Clamp Product Range and Technical Details

Offering an extensive range of sizes, the DG5 pipe clamps cater to various diameters from 14-18 mm up to 320-328 mm, ensuring a perfect fit for a wide array of piping projects. Each clamp is designed with a specific boss size width, connection screw, and connection bolt dimension, making it imperative to select the right combination for optimal performance. The technical details are meticulously listed, with clear specifications on the width thickness, screw and bolt sizes, ranging from M625 screws to M1240 bolts, with corresponding maximal recommended load values. These precise details ensure that professionals can match the correct clamp to the heavy duty pipe clamp size and load requirements, thus optimizing the integrity and stability of the piping system.

DG5 Heavy Duty Pipe Clamp Size

The size of a pipe clamp is crucial for ensuring a secure and efficient installation. DG5 Heavy Duty Pipe Clamps are available in a range of sizes to accommodate various pipe diameters, essential for different projects in the HVAC and industrial sectors. The sizes range from 3/8 inch to 12 inches, suitable for small residential pipes to large industrial ducts. Understanding the importance of an accurate fit the pipe clamps are meticulously engineered to ensure a snug, vibration-resistant grip on the pipes they support. The detailed product range table lists out each clamp size alongside its technical specifications, including the corresponding boss dimensions and screw sizes, which are fundamental to selecting the right clamp. This information assists installers in making informed decisions, leading to a reliable and effective pipe installation.

Installation Tips for Heavy Duty Pipe Clamps

Installing DG5 Heavy Duty Pipe Clamps correctly is essential for ensuring their effectiveness in any setting. Begin by selecting the appropriate size clamp for your pipe. Ensure the surface is clean and stable before positioning the clamp. When attaching the clamp, it's crucial to evenly tighten the double locking screws to avoid any potential distortion of the pipe. Additionally, respecting the maximum recommended load values is imperative to maintain the integrity of the clamp and the safety of the installation. Regular maintenance checks are recommended to ensure the clamps are holding up and to prevent any unforeseen issues. By following these tips, the DG5 pipe clamp can deliver optimal performance and durability, securing pipes effectively in a variety of environments.