TORKFLEX Metal Roll is the perfect solution to create clamps of different diameters depending on the user’s needs. Strip steel is a long strip clamp available in 9 or 12 mm Band Width.

Use a 12 mm Torque tie clip to close the clam

The Band Clamp 12 mm from TORKFLEX is a versatile and practical solution for securing hoses and pipes in a variety of applications. Designed to offer both flexibility and durability, the clamp is made from a strip of metal that can be adjusted to create different diameters to meet the user's requirements. With a width option of either 9 or 12 mm, this product caters to a range of sealing needs. The 12 mm Band Clamp Clip that accompanies the metal roll is engineered for a precise fit, ensuring a tight seal. Both the clamp and the clip are made of Aluzinc material as per DIN EN 10130:1999, with a corrosion-resistant high Cr + 3 yellow coating, making them suitable for challenging environments where moisture or corrosion could be an issue.

The Band clamps are particularly advantageous due to their versatility, as they can be tailored to various sizes, and their storage and stock benefits, providing up to 44 clamps from a single roll. The screw is 6 and 7.5 mm 2015 RoHS Compliant Hexagon Screw, which underscores the product’s commitment to environmental standards. They are especially applicable in sectors such as the water industry, air conditioning, building, and plumbing, where secure and reliable pipe fittings are crucial.