Cable Ties

What Are Cable Ties?

Cable ties enable you to tighten the cables, wires, electronic cables in order to establish a safe setup. Thanks to holding all the cables together it prevents the dust in place and gives a more tidy look. 

Cable Tie Turkey

Tork is strong in hose clamps, pipe clamps production as well as cable ties Turkey production capacity. Tork offers the best cable tie products with different types and functions. 

Types of Cable Ties

Tork Clamps offers a comprehensive product range as well as offering different types of cable ties. According to your needs, the best cable tie is available with the best price and service.

Types 1: Standard Cable Ties

Tork standard cable ties are made from the most durable product of Polyamide 6.6 material. Standard cable ties are also known as zip ties and used as the most common fastener system. 

Types 2: Colored Cable Ties

Tork colored cable ties are made from Polyamide 6.6 which is the strongest material among plastics. Although functions are the same as the standard cable ties, choosing colored cable ties enables you to identify the cabling system or give guidance for the circuits and power line. Coloring gives fun and energetic details in home applications, home electronics as well. 

Types 3: UV Resistant Cable Ties

Tork UV resistant cable ties are specially used for outdoor applications. Passing through several strength tests, UV resistant cable tie ensures the long term use for many areas. 

Types 4: Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Tork stainless steel cable ties are made from the high quality stainless steel and suitable for outdoor applications. Stainless steel cable ties are again UV resistant cable ties, they are commonly used for industrial applications that may require fire resistance, security or high corrosion. 304 & 316 product qualities are available for stainless steel Cable Ties.

Cable Ties Sizes

Cable ties have different sizes for different functions. The size should be detected according to the product to be fastened and held. Short cable ties may carry up to 5-8kg whereas the bigger sized cable ties may carry up to 70-80kg items. 

Cable Ties Size Chart

Contact the Tork team for the best suitable cable tie size for your needs.

Product CodeDimensions mm,A mm.B mm.C mm. +0.2D mm.+0.2E mm.+0.2L mm.Max Tensile Strength (Kg.)
TRK-100-25B100 X 2.52.5 +0.11 +0.14.654100 -4


TRK-150-25B150 X 2,52,5 +0.11 0.14,654150 -4
TRK-200-25B200 X 2.52,5 +0.11 +0.14,654200 -4
TRK-140-35B140 X 3,53,5 0.11,2 0.26,86,94,5140 -6


TRK-200-35B200 X 3,53,5 0.11,2 0.26,86,94,5200 -6
TRK-250-35B250 X 3.53,5 0.11,2 -6
TRK-280-35B280 X 3,53,5 0.11,2 +0.26,86,94,5280 -6
TRK-370-35B370 X 3,53,5 0.11,2 +0.26,86,94,5370 -6
TRK-200-45B200 X 4,54,5 0.21,4 +0.27,575,5200 -6


TRK-250-45B250 X 4,54,5 0.21,4 +0.27,575,5250 -6
TRK-300-45B300 X 4,54,5 0.21.4 0.27,575,5300 -6
TRK-370-45B370 X 4,54,5 0.21.4 +0.27,575,5380 -6
TRK-430-45B430 X 4,54,5 0.21,4 0.27,575,5430 -6
TRK-300-75B300 X 7,57,5 0.11,6 0.21211,57300 -9


TRK-370-75B370 X 7,57,5 0.11,6 +0.21211,57370 -9
TRK-450-75B450 X 7,57,5 0.11,6 +0.21211,57450 -9
TRK-550-75B550 X 7,57,5 0.11,6 +0.21211,57550 -9
TRK-750-75B750 X 7,57,5 0.11,6 +0.21211,57750 -9
TRK-600-90B600 X 99,0 0.21,6 +0.213,812,79600 -15


TRK-710-90B710 X 99,0 0.21,6 +0.213,812,79710 -15
TRK-760-90B760 X 99,0 0.21.6 +0.213,812,79760 -15
TRK-900-90B900 X 99,0 0.21,6 +0.213,812,79900 -5

How to Use Cable Ties?

The cable tie is basically used to assemble the items together and make it durable for long term use. For a daily use you should follow the steps to see how to use cable ties;

Hold the cable tie as a flat line and see the locking bumps on it.

Bend the tie with the item you want to hold together and tighten with the locking mechanism till you fix, then make it lock by hearing the click.

Cut the excessive tie with a cutter to have a proper setting.

What Are Cable Ties Used For?

The cable ties are mostly used for industrial application and cabling systems for home applications. There are different types of cable ties for different needs and areas to be applied. The cables and wires should be organized properly to establish a safe and durable environment so simple, strong and high quality Tork cable ties are used in a multifunctional way.

Which is The Best Cable Tie To Use?

Tork offers different types of cable ties that you can find solutions for outdoor applications as well as the long term durable needs. Depending on the purpose to be used, UV resistant cable ties are the best as a multipurpose product. 

FAQ About Cable Tie

How Strong is a Cable Tie?

Cable tie is made from a durable material that can serve according to your needs. Contact the Tork team for details and the strongest cable ties options.

What Are The Strongest Cable Ties?

Tensile strength is the most important matter in finding the strongest cable ties. The cable tie may carry either 8kg up to 100+ kg so check the size and the tensile strength with the manufacturer and the seller to find the best product for your needs.

What Are The Types Of Cable Ties?

The frequently asked question for cable ties is what are the types of cable ties; Tork offers 4 different types of cable ties. The most common is the standard cable ties, colored cable ties, UV resistant cable ties and stainless steel cable ties.

Are Cable Ties And Zip Ties The Same Thing? 

If you want to learn if cable ties and zip ties are the same, the answer is yes. In some areas in the United States the cable ties are known as zip ties but they are same as functions and areas to be used.

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