R&D and Innovation

R&D and Innovation

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As Tork Clamp company, we have attached importance to creative and free thinking that make a difference since the day we were founded. We have adopted innovation as a responsibility and corporate culture that is sustainable, traceable, whose benefits are measurable which ensures that we are always one step ahead in the national and international arena. We work systematically and continuously to ensure this sustainability.

As Tork Clamp family, we try to reflect Innovation to our employees as a life philosophy and a part of their lives, regardless of their job descriptions. We offer an innovative approach on our journey in making a difference by looking at our life, work and products from the perspective of the customer. We are aware and know that the sustainability of our company is based on innovation and adds value to all our customers and collaborators.

As Tork Clamp company, we provide uninterrupted support to our customers by offering innovative approaches with the technical and expert staff of our R&D department. All of the machinery and equipment within our company, except for raw materials, have been developed by our R & D experts and have been supported by projects jointly carried out with Tubitak and have been gained by our company as an added value.

The principles and essentials of our R&D center;

  • The development and commissioning of new products in the fastener industry
  • Focusing on strategic areas that will ensure the development and effective execution of organizations,
  • Grow continuously by developing similar methods, processes and products through R&D,
  • Be a leader in quality, technology and market share in the fastener industry with newly developed products,
  • Be an internationally reputable company in R&D and manufacturing base.