Cable Lug Features and Application Area

    The cable or wire can be placed and soldered to one end of the cable lug and the other end can be secured with a screw or matching connection to fix the large gauge applications for power draw or grounding. Cable lugs are produced in copper and aluminum that choose the best product for your project with the optimum transfer.

    What Is Cable Lug

    Cable lug is a type of clamp that connects cables between electrical devices and mechanisms.

    What Is the Function of Cable Lug? 

    Cable lug can be used when a permanent connection is needed. Also, cable lugs can help to connect different types of cables and wires. It is an engineering product that helps to perform stable connections.

    Cable Lug Size Chart 

    Different types of installation may need different size of cable lugs and Tork offers various sizes of cable lug ranging from 10mm2 to 240mm2. Tork standard cable lugs are made from cooper and it is available to order any size of cable lug from the lug size chart.

    Cable Lug Production in Turkey 

    Tork is one of the leading cable lug manufacturers, supplier and exporter in Turkey that offers made in Turkey copper cable lug and crimping tool.

    What Are the Related Products to Cable Lug

    Generally, the related product for cable lug is the electronic devices and machinery system. It is mostly seen in motor vehicle assembly, repairing for battery connection applications.

    What Is the Best Cable Lug for My Project? Buy Cable Lug

    When it is needed to buy cable lugs you may run into various sources and types of cable lugs and you get lost. According to your machinery and electrical project the best size and type of cable lug will help you to complete it easily and safely. For the best cable lug options contact the Tork team for further information and assistance. Buy now cable lug with the best affordable price with the best quality in different size.

    Cable Lug FAQ:

    Which industries need to use cable lug? 

    Cable lug connectors and anchors are mostly used in machinery, motor vehicle and electrical industries where permanent connection is required.

    What are the variations of cable lug?

    Cable lug can be produced in either copper cable lug or aluminum cable lug. Also cable lugs can be available in variations such as “U” shape cable lug for screwing or “O” type of cable lugs for bolt applications. 

    How to Install/ assemble the cable lug? 

    Before installing, be aware of the safety precautions for electronic application. Choose the correct type of cable lug for the electrical connection. If not sure, always consult and ask for assistance. Remove the cable insulation carefully with length needed and place it into the cable lug barrel, secure it with screw and criming. You can simply watch tutorial videos for installing and assembling cable lug.





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