Hose Clamps

    Hose clamps are the products which we are especially expert in manufacturing.

    Types of Hose Clamps

    We offer different types of hose clamps; perforated hose clamps, embossed hose clamps, heavy duty hose clamps and perforated clamp kit.

    Hose Clamp Turkey

    Tork Clamps is strong in hose clamps production as well as other different products. Tork offers the best hose clamp products with different types and functions. Tork is one of the top hose clamp Turkey manufacturers that offers the best quality with innovative products and services.

    Types 1: Perforated Hose Clamps

    Perforated hose clamps are the clamps that dominate the worldwide market. 

    Types 2: Embossed Hose Clamp

    Non-perforated embossed hose clamps are popular and suitable to be used in general mounting applications.

    Types 3: Heavy Duty Hose Clamp

    Heavy duty hose clamps are designed for high torque and absolute tightness, sealing. They are used in pressure-required areas with absolute tightness for thick and strengthened hoses. 

    TORK Perforated Hose Clamp Kit

    The Tork perforated hose clamp kit offers a band, screw and cover plug together where you can easily adapt and fix the hose perfectly.

    Stainless Steel Hose Clamps

    Stainless steel hose clamps are used in many areas such as agriculture, domestic appliances, hardware, mechanical applications, solar systems etc. that are produced according to the environmental regulations. Philips screw offers advantage as it is used by many factories and end-users.

    Metal Hose Clamp 

    Another type of material for hose clamps is metal hose clamp that it's more flexible to help you in fixing. It is a galvanized metal hose that offers economic and easy service.

    Hose Clamps Sizes

    8.5 & 10 mm Hose Clamps

    Small hose clamps are used in thinner hoses and pipe fixing. 

    14 mm Hose Clamps

    Large hose clamps are used for bigger and larger sealing needs.

    Buy Hose Clamps

    Tork offers many functional and different varieties of hose clamps as a manufacturer and smart partner for your needs. Buy now the best piece of hose clamps with the best price in Turkey with the Tork quality.

    Hose Clamps Differences

    Hose clamps are different in material such as stainless steel or galvanized metal clamps or the sizes may vary upon the needs and areas to be used. Find the best size and the hose clamp product now by reaching us to have more information on hose clamp types with the best deals.

    Hose Clamps FAQ

    What is hose clamp?

    Hose clamp is a fixing system used in piping and hose assembly.

    How to remove hose clamps?

    To remove a hose clamp, you can use a hose clamp plier or a cutter to detach the clamp from the hose.

    What are the different types of hose clamps? 

    There are different types of hose clamps such as perforated hose clamps non-perforated embossed hose clamp, heavy duty hose clamps and there are different hose clamps with stainless steel or galvanized metal with different sizes.

    What is the strongest type of hose clamp?

    The best and the strongest hose clamps are the ones chosen according to your needs. Stainless steel hose clamps are compatible and have strong sealing. Also heavy duty clamps are the best fit for absolute tightness and pressure hoses.

    What size of hose clamp do I need?  How do I choose a hose clamp?

    Before you buy a hose clamp you can measure the diameter of the hose so that it gives an idea to choose the right hose clamp. Hose clamp size chart may also help you in choosing.

    Do hose clamps come in different sizes?

    If you buy a hose clamp kit you may find different size of hose clamps or if you buy a perforated hose clamp you can adjust it according to hose/pipe easily.

    How do you clamp a water hose?

    Water hose may leak and needs a repair so you can use a clamp in order to stop the leaking or if you want to extend the hose again using clamp will help you to fix the two pieces of hoses together in a fast and easy way.

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